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Back-to-School Ideas for Your Multifamily Rental Property: Infographic

September 10, 2023

back to school for landlords

School supplies are lining store shelves, and children are soaking up those last summer rays.

With summer break nearing its end, and back-to-school season in full swing, now is the perfect time to wow your residents and remind them why living in your rental property is wonderful.

As parents and students are settling back into a new schedule, provide them with a little something extra to help foster a successful school year. These ideas are sure to make your residents feel that you always go the extra mile for them.

back-to-school infographic

Study Room:

Does your property already boast a work lounge for the adults in residence? Why not cater to the school-age students as well and portion part of this space as a reading nook and child-sized desks at which children can study.

Bus Stop Safety:

If your property serves as a bus stop for school-age children, take extra precautions to ensure the safety and comfort of the kids. Consider adding a weather-covering for cold or rainy days, and post children crossing signs to remind residents that they may need to stop for the wayward student heading to the bus stop. Safety is key; residents will thank you for the attention placed on their children’s well-being.

Back to School Party:

Children may be groaning about the impending school year, but that doesn’t mean a little fun can’t be had. Invite residents to ring in the new school year with a themed event. Schoolhouse decor can often be found at your local dollar store. Make the event a hit by including themed snacks, and a movie such as “High School Musical” or “Ferris Buller’s Day Off” or “The Breakfast Club” depending on the age of your student residents. Wow your residents by giving each student a gift bag of inexpensive school supplies like crayons scissors and glue.

Student Award Program:

Create an award program that offers small prizes to the children with high grades at the end of the quarter or semester. If you rent to college students, consider a merit-based rent reduction. You could gain notoriety for this program (be sure to alert your local media outlets) and will attract responsible student renters–win-win!

Resident Book Exchange:

Facilitate learning and provide a quiet activity for kids with a book-exchange library. Supply a small number of age-appropriate books to begin. Students can donate their extra children’s’ books, borrow a book, or leave a book to exchange for a new one they haven’t read. Parent residents will be truly grateful for the collection when a last-minute book report is due.

Final Thoughts

Preparing for the new school year can be stressful for parents, but it can be an opportunity for property managers and landlords to provide excellent customer service. Your thoughtfulness will always have an impact, and your residents will certainly remember this once their lease renewal period comes around.

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