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Win New Business: Tips for Gaining Customers with More Effective Marketing

September 10, 2023

Last modified on August 15th, 2023

In today’s digitally driven world, both prospective customers and partners are researching you online, so it’s critical that you take your business digital marketing efforts seriously. But with so many advertising approaches and channels to choose from, it can be all too easy to spread efforts too thin and decrease your overall impact.

Instead of jumping onto every single digital marketing channel available, focus on what will capture and retain your clients’ and customers’ attention the most. Below, we detail how you can market your property management or association management business more effectively.

1.) Invest in your website

Your company’s website is one of the first interactions future customers will have with your business. If your website feels slow, appears outdated, or is difficult to navigate, it can have a detrimental impact on how prospects view your property and your brand. That’s why it’s important to make sure the first digital experience with you is overwhelmingly positive.

To start, your website should be easy to use and well-designed, which includes:

  • Using a modern website design: An effective website doesn’t need every bell and whistle, but it should look clean and modern. In fact, having just a few high-impact design elements, such as mobile-friendly pages and large, professional visuals, can be more than enough for prospects.
  • Keeping information up to date: Website content should be reviewed on a quarterly basis at a minimum. However, some content, such as available listings and current communities served, may need to be updated sooner, since potential customers will want to see who you’re working with and what your business portfolio looks like today.
  • Providing clear navigation paths: Try using your website from a prospect perspective to ensure visitors can access all information available. Is it easy to get from one page to the next? Can potential residents easily find the details they seek? Ultimately, the faster your prospects can find information, the better.

Additionally, don’t forget to highlight what makes your business different, what you stand for, and the on-demand and personalized services you offer homeowners and community association members.

2.) Have a strong social media presence

Beyond your website, your corporate social media presence is equally important for prospects and their research process. 

Make sure your business has Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts and that you share and repost news and updates about your company and the industry regularly. Doing so can attract more followers and position your business as an expert in the field. 

Demonstrate your commitment to relationship building by following and engaging with others in the property management or association management industry — such as the NAA, CAI, and HOA-USA — along with your clients and customers. 

Lastly, don’t be afraid to show off the human side of your business, too. People ultimately do business with people, and showing prospects who they’ll be working with at your organization can help build even more trust and credibility from the start.

3.) Pay attention to ratings and reviews

Generating referrals via word of mouth has always been a highly effective way to drive business. In the digital age, this takes place in the form of rating sites such as Yelp and Facebook Reviews. 

Prospects will look at review sites to see how your business is rated by your clients and customers and how your company reacts and engages with those reviews. While it would be ideal to receive only positive reviews, negative reviews are inevitable. The good news is that negative reviews also present opportunities to build trust. By responding quickly and empathizing with issues, you can earn prospects’ respect by demonstrating flexibility to work with them and high attention to customer experience.

If you’re lacking reviews, a great place to start is to ask your current customers to provide their recommendations. In addition, when your teams interact positively with a board member or homeowner, consider asking them to share their experience online. Be sure to feature your top reviews on your website, on social media, and in other official marketing materials so prospects can see how happy your customers are.

4.) Grow your network

Once you’ve established a solid online presence, connect with other local businesses and real estate agents to expand your network further. It’s also helpful to ask for referrals from contractors you work with, such as landscapers, pool service companies, and maintenance technicians.

To increase your visibility, consider attending events hosted by leaders in the property management, real estate, or community association management industry, including smaller, regional organizations in your area. You might offer to host events if you have the space to do so, which can bring even more potential network contacts directly into your business.

Sustainably scale and grow your marketing efforts 

By implementing these strategies, you can more effectively market your property management or association management business to attract more clients, boost your reputation, and make the best first impression, both online and offline.

Remember, however, that marketing isn’t just a one-time to-do to check off your list. It requires an always-on approach that continues to evolve and meet your customers’ needs. Download our free guide below for more ways to maximize your marketing efforts.

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