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Voice-Enabled Helpdesk: Helpdesk Made Effortless!

September 7, 2023

As the world buzzes with excitement over AI, have you imagined the magic it could bring to your Community Living Experience!

ADDA Integration with AI

This is your chance to witness AI in action with ADDA’s Voice-Enabled Helpdesk, a marvel crafted using the cutting-edge OpenAI APIs.

Get ready to step into a future where AI redefines Community Living by bringing across more Convenience to the Residents and Community Management Team.

ADDA is listening

Why Voice-Enabled Helpdesk?

Typically Community Owners/tenants often face the following problems with respect to helpdesk:

  • Manual Processes: Some residents might struggle with typing or using digital interfaces.
  • Misunderstandings: Some complex queries might require detailed explanations, which can lead to misunderstandings when communicated through written mode.

Benefits of ADDA’s Voice-Enabled Helpdesk!

Benefits for Residents:

  • The voice-enabled Helpdesk simplifies queries.
  • Helpdesk Queries/Issues can be raised in multiple languages.
  • Enhanced accessibility benefits elderly residents or users on the go, or anyone who might find any difficulty in typing the Helpdesk Issue/Query

Benefits for Community Management Team and Office Staff

  • Streamlined communication facilitates swift solutions to resident queries.
  • Some resident queries might be complex and require detailed explanations. Without voice interactions, staff might struggle to provide comprehensive responses. This feature thus helps in better understanding of the issue/query.
Voice-enabled Helpdesk


Whereas we have a robust roadmap of bringing in more AI enabled conveniences to residents, & efficiency to Community management team; this nifty upgrade is sure to add to your convenience of using ADDA, and easily reaching out to your Community Management team for any Issues or Queries.

Do check out the feature in the ADDA App, hope you enjoy using it!

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