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Types of Rental Property Owners

February 20, 2024

types of rental property owners

According to recent research, 37% of U.S. households are renters a number that has been growing and is at its largest in the last 50 years; creating a strong market for those looking to capitalize on this housing trend.  

Property managers and landlords collected $512.4 billion in rent payments across the U.S. in 2019, making rental ownership and management a strong industry. Rental housing creates profitable opportunities for property managers and owners who understand the demand and needs of the rental housing market.

Rental property owners have the opportunity to provide renter-occupied housing and build their wealth through rental income.  And property managers can grow their business by attracting owners who need quality management of their rental properties.

Build Your Property Management Portfolio

The key to any successful business is growth. Property managers can find this growth by attracting more owners and building their inventory of total properties managed.

In order to build your management portfolio, it is important to understand the client profile of a property manager’s target audience.  Knowing the types of owners who are in the market for a property manager will help you create a specialized sales plan so you can focus on appealing to the needs of that particular client.

Here are the most common types of rental property owners and what they are looking for in a property manager.

Types of Rental Property Owners

  • The DIY Landlord
    The DIY landlord got into the rental housing industry either intentionally, with the hopes of capitalizing on passive income opportunities, or accidentally, through an inheritance or as a result of the housing market crash.Regardless of how they entered the market, the DIY landlord attempts to take care of all the responsibilities of rental management themselves from marketing vacancies, screening tenants, chasing down rent, tenant turnover, maintenance, and property emergencies.

    What they are looking for: DIY landlords are excellent potential clients for property managers who can attract the DIY, when they reach their breaking point from the time-commitment and stress that goes along with self-managing rental property, like late-night phone calls, non-payers, and property destroyers.

Understanding the types of individuals who own rental housing, helps property managers create usable profiles of their target audience.

These profiles establish the needs and wants of individual owners so the property manager can best serve them.

A property manager will be able to attract new business and retain clients by appealing what the owner needs during their buying process for the right property manager.

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