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Top 7 Benefits of HOA Online Voting Software

March 21, 2024

Carrying out the voting process in an HOA community can be sticky business if not handled properly.

US law requires HOAs to hold board elections at least every four years, and most HOAs’ board terms are usually every one or two years, in addition to all the other activities that require votes from members. So, the HOA voting process is important and frequent.

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The question more and more HOAs are asking is, does HOA online voting software make this tedious process any easier?

Many have realized the answer is yes. As with most any operation, technology improves processes, and makes the HOA voting process better. The trend to adopt online voting software is growing as 30 out of 50 states currently allow electronic (online) voting for HOAs.

States colored in light blue permit online voting for HOAs

Let’s see why HOA online voting software is becoming the preferred choice for boards, property managers and homeowners as we review some of the frustrations with the traditional voting process.

Challenges in traditional HOA voting

Compromised paper votes

Using paper ballots have been around through the ages, but just due to its very nature, paper can be problematic because it is sometimes:

  • Lost
  • Destroyed
  • Altered
  • Spoiled

In similar ways paper proxy votes can also be compromised.

Unreliable proxy votes

Using paper proxy votes can open up the voting to suspect behavior. Proxy voting allows someone else to cast a vote on a member’s (homeowners) behalf reflecting that member’s choice.

Sometimes members can’t attend a meeting, or they simply don’t want to, so they give someone else the ability to cast their vote for them.

In good faith, this should work perfectly well. Unfortunately, the member’s instructions are not always followed because the proxy:

  • Doesn’t show up to vote
  • Changes the vote
  • Doesn’t bring the paper proxy to the meeting to vote

We would hope these things don’t happen, but they do.  

Counting errors

We can say that counting paper votes is a pretty straightforward activity. It’s just addition, right? Yet, it’s not uncommon for election officers to make an error in the counting process.  

They need to ensure that all the numbers match up. They need to count:

  • Homeowners who voted
  • Spoiled votes
  • Unused paper votes
  • Acceptable votes

Counting errors make the process inaccurate, which leads to mistrust among members and the HOA.

Time consuming

Counting also takes up a big chunk of time, especially if it’s a large membership and the vote outcome needs to be announced during the HOA meeting. Attendees can be left waiting unnecessarily.

Not making quorum

When there are not enough members present to vote, according to your HOAs quorum requirements, a vote cannot take place. That means activities are delayed and the board is made ineffective in its decision making.

All of these reasons in the traditional voting method cause the HOA voting process to be compromised, delayed and misused.

So, what is the alternative? Let’s explore the concept of HOA online voting software.

What are the origins of online voting?

Technology is changing so quickly, but you may be surprised to know that online voting came about since the late 1990s. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) made standards for computer-based voting systems available at that time.

So, online voting has been around for over 30 years now. That means it has gone through decades of improvement, and has evolved to include new, useful options too.  

What is HOA online voting software?

HOA online voting software is technology that uses a software platform for homeowners to cast their votes; and the vote when using voting software is called an e-vote.  

It is a tool that is sometimes called:

  • Electronic voting
  • E-voting
  • Online voting

 These terms all refer to the same thing.

How does HOA online voting software work?

Online voting software runs off a technology system and can be used for members to cast their vote, collect votes and count votes. The software can be used to vote on any number of agenda items from board elections to choosing the color of tile in a common area.

Essentially, this is how it works:


An HOA purchases the online voting software. The online voting feature is usually part of an online platform that offers additional features as well.

For example, Condo Control, a leading software solution provider for Homeowners Associations in the United States offers more than 40 beneficial features as part of its software to improve community living. E-voting is just one of the highly used features of the Condo Control’ssoftware.

A reputable online voting software company will always offer a no obligation demo to interested parties, so they can see how the feature works first-hand.

Set up

On the back end, the board or property manager can set up options for members to vote by filling in information on various screens that will prompt them for certain details.


Members who are eligible to vote are added to the system by the board/property manager to be able to cast a vote.


An email is sent out to voting recipients days, even weeks before the closing date of the vote, giving homeowners enough time to vote. The email includes details about the who, what, when, where and why the a vote is being called and includes a link that leads to open the voting screens.


It is one vote per household, regardless of how many residents live in the HOA household. Once a member casts their vote, they are not able to vote multiple times. However, they can change their vote before the voting window closes.


The HOA online voting software will continually count the votes as they come in throughout the voting process; indicating how many households voted, where votes were allocated and how many households did not cast a vote.

Implementing these six simple steps are the reasons why so many HOAs are choosing to adopt online voting software into their operations to help facilitate their voting process.   

Benefits on HOA online voting software

If you’re not already using technology to help improve your community management, your community could be missing out on all the benefit HOA online software has to offer.

Here’s why progressive HOAs use online voting software:

1.      Make quorum

Because most everyone has an online device, cellphone, tablet and/or computer, online voting is more convenient for homeowners who are already so busy in their day-to-day lives.

The requirement to attend in person to vote means members won’t always be available and then a board won’t have quorum to vote. On the other hand, if you can offer the option of submitting votes online, more members will participate in the voting process pretty much guaranteeing your meetings make quorum every time.

Basically, members can vote from anywhere at any hour of the day or night. That means HOAs can make quorum even if the member doesn’t physically cast a paper vote.

Additionally, online voting software is part of an app (application) so, they can be sitting on the commuter train, open up the app and cast their vote. The app, removes almost every hindrance to voting.

Attending meetings in order to vote is a bit antiquated considering today’s technology can remove that burden. Why not sure up your chances to make quorum and the board’s ability to make decisions quickly to the benefit of the community.

2.      Increased security

Paper-based voting can be compromised leading to fraud. However, secure voting is a priority with online voting.

Here are some of the ways online voting software increases security around the voting process.

  • Single vote access
  • Can vote only once
  •  No one else can see the vote (private)
  • Timestamped
3.      Accurate counting

Votes are counted into the system as they come in accumulatively. So, you can keep a running tally of the number of votes in real-time.

Seeing how the vote is progressing and what direction it is going in will give the board some insight into what decisions they may have to make in the future, instead of waiting at the very end of the voting period on that day to start making decisions.

4.      More informative

Voters don’t always remember or understand fully what they are voting for or how their vote can impact HOA decisions. You can help them understand the circumstance better before they cast their vote by attaching documents that members can reference before they cast their vote.

This will help boards ensure that homeowners have quick access to information they may need, and acts as proof that homeowners were provided with the information they needed before voting.

Additionally, members will feel confident that they understand the topic they are voting on.

5.      Time saved

The hours and hours of setting up a voting process and running it are greatly reduced. With online voting software there is:

  • No need for mail or physical deliver ballots
  • Real-time count of votes as they populate
  • Printable results during and immediately after the vote closes

The board, property management and homeowners get the results they want quickly. Tedious waiting is removed.

6.      Money saved

Consider the cost per vote? Costs involved in traditional paper ballots include the paper, printing, mailing/delivery, and labor. It costs an average of $500 to organize and host a meeting.

Yes, it’s true, the board is made up of volunteers but their hourly value of volunteer time per board member is $29.95.  Volunteers’ precious time should be used to make more beneficial and effective change for the community.

Additionally, property managers are paid, so is it worth homeowner dollars having them buy stamps to mail out ballots or walk around the neighborhood delivering paper materials?

There is an initial investment to purchase the HOA online voting software; and it’s worth it. It’s an investment that pays off in months and years to come.

7.      Eliminate Proxy

Online voting software is more inclusive because it allows all members who want to cast their own vote to do just that. They can vote early, once online voting is open. And they can attend the meeting virtually, if your HOA has that set up as well.

So, proxy voting is not required, which simplifies the whole voting process.  

Which of these benefits are most valuable to your HOA? They probably all are. If your HOA is achieving all these benefits, it’s indicative that you have an efficient and effective HOA.

Who is saying what about the value of online voting software?

Case Study: Lake Linganore Association

HOAs all over the U.S. are already using online voting to streamline their processes.  Condo Control is one supplier (scoring a 98 overall customer satisfaction rating who provides online voting software and more.

Lake Linganore Association, Maryland, is home to 20,000 members and with over 5000 homes.  Online voting is just one of the features they benefit from with Condo Control.

“Modern technology brings huge value to the community and staff,” says Jennifer Edwards, IT Coordinator with Lake Linganore HOA. “It would be extremely costly, both in the sense of time and money, to operate a community of this size without it.”

In general, users see a 40-60% reduction in paper costswithin the first 3 months.

Online voting HOAs can rely on

A dependable, transparent and accurate voting system is what HOAs need to facilitate easy and expedient decision making.

If your HOA wants to maintain a blended voting system, it’s an option. Yet, once members use online voting software it’s doubtful they’ll want to return to old ways because of the benefits everyone gets.  

Benefits such as:

  • Advance voting, with reminders, so quorum is made.
  • Privacy and security with one vote per household that no other members can see.
  • Correct counts as system collects all electronic votes for you.
  • Informed members who can review attachments before voting.
  • Quicker voting outcomes as votes are tracked in real time.
  • Saving money on voting supplies.
  • No more proxy votes, as members can vote even if they are not physically present.

All of these benefits combine to allow community members to vote on important issues and developments easily and quickly, so boards and property managers can take action sooner to ensure the community thrives.

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