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November 25, 2023

Thanksgiving Stories

Happy Thanksgiving from your Team at Rentec Direct!

To celebrate the day of family, friends, and food, here’s an infographic of some fun Thanksgiving facts.

Whether the star of your Thanksgiving meal is the turkey or the pumpkin pie, Rentec Direct has you covered with a few fun facts surrounding the foods we love to gobble up in November. This year, if you are looking for a bit of extra fun when gathered around for dinner, look no further than this infographic. We challenge you to pass the candied yams and stump your table with a little trivia this year.


Thanksgiving Facts

Think you are up to speed on your Thanksgiving knowledge? Try your hand at some other Thanksgiving trivia!

More Thanksgiving Trivia:

  1. What are male turkeys commonly referred to as?
  2. Which founding father wanted to make the nation’s bird a turkey, claiming that an eagle had “bad moral character”?
  3. How many pounds does the average American gain each holiday season?
  4. What year was the first Thanksgiving?
  5.  How fast can wild turkeys run when they are scared?
  6.  Which state consumes the most turkey on Thanksgiving Day?
  7. Which President made Thanksgiving a National Holiday?
  8. How many days was the first Thanksgiving?
  9. What is a baby turkey called?
  10. Which country, besides the US, also celebrates Thanksgiving?

Answers: 1) Tom 2)Ben Franklin 3) 2 lbs 4)1621 5) 20 mph 6) California 7) President Lincoln 8) Three Days 9) A poult 10) Canada


Updated: November 27, 2022

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