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Rentec Direct in the News |Media Roundup

October 6, 2023

Whether you are a renter, home buyer, investor, or property manager, Rentec Direct is dedicated to bringing you the best rental real estate industry educational content and resources.

In addition to the hundreds of educational blog articles you can find on this blog every year, popular media outlets call on Nathan Miller and the rental experts at Rentec Direct for articles and quotes to share with their audience.

What a privilege to continue to contribute to industry leaders such as Forbes and Entrepreneur while sharing our real estate expertise and insights. With autumn in full swing and Q3 wrapping up, there’s no better time to grab your favorite warm beverage and catch up on the articles and industry news you might have missed last quarter.

If you enjoy the below articles, you can find more Rentec Direct news & media coverage as well as contributor publication links & articles here | Rentec Direct Press Page

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A growing number of couples are working together to build a flourishing real estate business. For those who are starting the journey, couples must find ways to thrive as they work side-by-side. Whether they are co-founding brokerages, investing in rental properties or entering the world of real estate flipping, key strategies can lay the foundation for a healthy working relationship between couples.

Couples who prioritize these strategies can ensure a smoother transition as their relationship evolves. Learning to strike a balance, build strong boundaries and establish common goals to work towards together is essential to working effectively as both a couple and business owners. — Read More —

Summer heat can cause electricity bills to skyrocket, especially in the south. Thankfully, a little extra preparation can keep your rental property cool in the summer and can keep energy bills low all year long. Investing in these cooling measures can ensure tenants don’t feel the sting of a high energy bill or the sweltering heat.

From ceiling fan installation to programmable thermostats, many of these tips to keep your rental cool are inexpensive and easy to install for an inexperienced handyman. Finding the right window treatments and sealing air leaks will not only keep your property cool, but will weatherproof your property better for colder seasons as well. — Read More —

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about ChatGPT and its benefits. From everyday people using the innovative technology to streamline daily personal and professional tasks to companies who are finding new applications for the tech, there’s no doubt that ChatGPT is everywhere now. This is especially true of the real estate industry, which has truly embraced the value of Ai technology. Market leaders like Zillow and Redfin have integrated GPT plugins, and property management software has also integrated with AI to streamline workflow for landlords and property managers.

For those business owners looking to harness the power of AI technology, there are a few essential do’s and don’ts that are crucial to understand. Here are a few essential tips for harnessing the power of AI technology in real estate, property management, and other industries. — Read More —

Time is a precious asset for everyone, but if you own rental properties, you likely have a lot on your plate vying for your time. Daily tasks can quickly become overwhelming and pull you away from larger business priorities that would have a positive impact on your ROI and growth.

Thankfully, in the technology age, automating small tasks is far easier than you may realize. Automation is essential for investors and landlords or operty managers who want to focus on expansion and growth or simply want more time to themselves or with loved ones. While every portfolio and rental business is unique, there are still surefire ways to successfully automate your real estate management tasks. — Read More —

Rentec In the News

In addition to full-length articles and podcasts, many news outlets and educational resources continue to rely on Rentec Direct for quotes and data for their readership. Here are a few from last quarter and highlights from the year: | An app for managing rentals, born in Grants Pass, on The Ground Floor

Press Releases

Q3 of 2023 has been a busy time for the Rentec Direct team for announcements and industry-leading new software features. Here are some Rentec Direct press releases you may have missed:


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