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November 24, 2023

Product Changes - Emails

With a goal of reducing spam, all mail service providers are presently implementing several regulations.

At ADDA, we use services of Email providers for sending various emails around activities in your Community – From details of invoices being raised, announcements posted by Community Management Team, conversations, helpdesk updates, etc.

We have been advised by our email providers to restrict the amount of bulk emails going out. 

We have further been advised to stop sending emails to unverified email ids. As emails sent to unverified Ids do not get delivered and bounces, it may result in our emails getting flagged as spam.

Below are a few steps we are taking presently to adhere to the recommended guidelines

1. Stopping emails sent to users who have not logged into ADDA. 

Logging into ADDA verifies the email id of users. Once the id is verified, we can keep sending further email notifications. (Initial welcome emails with login credentials would still be sent. But further emails won’t come till the users logs in)

2. Restricting bulk emails:

Few ADDA communities use a feature called Email Forum. As a part of this feature, when any conversations happen in ADDA App or portal, an email is sent to all members of the community with the conversation details. We have discontinued this feature to stop the amount of bulk emails going out.

You must already be having the ADDA App in your phone. Here, you will continue to receive immediate App notifications on all conversations. 

We will also continue to send the daily digest email, which will have a summary of all conversations and other activities in your community for the day.

For some critical functions like Community Announcements, though they are bulk emails, we intend to keep sending email notifications, and for these we are in active discussions with our email providers. 

In this war against Spam, we request your kind support. 

We apologise as the implemented changes were a bit sudden. But to ensure that our overall email delivery of important Community transactions do not get hampered, we had to take some immediate measures.

While we are providing necessary justifications to our email providers to make sure critical email notifications do not get stopped, we would request your kind cooperation to help us reduce non-critical emails going out. 

We understand the criticality of emails towards community communications.

We are currently working on an overall communication strategy, to make sure that you do not miss out on any important communication related to your Community. We have always been a pioneer when it comes to Community communications. While we are trying to make these product changes to abide by the best practices being recommended by the Email Providers, rest assured that it is out utmost goal to ensure that your convenience towards easy Community Communications, does not get compromised.

On priority we are working on a holistic strategy covering different communication channels like Email, Whatsapp, App Notifications, etc. with the intention of providing you the best Community Communication experience.

You will many changes, related to this, being rolled out as a part of the product very soon.

As always, it is our goal to make sure you get the best Community Living experience via use of ADDA. Thank you for your patience and support. For any questions or issues, please write to us. 

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