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Overall Sustainability: Rise High Awards Winners 2023

September 8, 2023

Overall Sustainability at ADDA

Step into the world of extraordinary residential communities where excellence thrives and innovation knows no bounds. Brace yourself for the breathtaking showcase of achievements as we delve into the exhilarating realm of the ADDA Rise High Awards 2023. This prestigious event is a dazzling celebration of brilliance, recognizing the trailblazers who have redefined community living through their remarkable accomplishments.

The ADDA Rise High Awards epitomize the celebration of brilliance and the triumph of visionary leaders, exceptional committees, and proactive residents. They provide a stage to applaud the visionary leaders, dedicated committees, and proactive residents who have gone the extra mile to create exceptional living experiences within their communities. These awards not only recognize their achievements but also inspire others to strive for excellence and adopt best practices in community management.

The awards encompass a diverse range of categories, each highlighting specific areas of expertise and success. In a moment of delightful surprise, the ADDA Rise High Awards 2023 unveiled an extraordinary addition to the already impressive lineup of categories: the unexpected and exciting Overall Sustainability award. This surprise category took the ceremony to new heights, shining a spotlight on the exceptional efforts of housing societies in embracing sustainable practices and fostering environmentally conscious communities.

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The Overall Sustainability award category brought forth a refreshing acknowledgment of housing societies that have gone the extra mile in their commitment to sustainability. It celebrated the champions who have integrated eco-friendly initiatives, resource conservation, and environmentally conscious practices into the very fabric of their communities.

The winners of the Overall Sustainability award category at the ADDA Rise High Awards truly exemplify the epitome of eco-consciousness and sustainable living within their respective housing societies. These exceptional winners have pioneered innovative approaches to reduce their carbon footprint, promote renewable energy sources, implement effective waste management practices, and foster a culture of environmental responsibility. Through their unwavering commitment to sustainability, they have not only transformed their own communities but have also set an inspiring example for others to follow. The winners were:

  1. Prestige Ferns from Bangalore
  2. Poetree from Bangalore
  3. Maimoon Gardens by Fakhruddin Properties from Dubai

1. Prestige Ferns, Bangalore

Prestige Ferns in Bangalore showcased outstanding sustainability achievements in the Overall Sustainability category of the ADDA Rise High Awards.

Their accomplishments include

  1. Transition from zero KW to an impressive 200 KW solar rooftop system.
  2. Implementation of rainwater harvesting, collecting and storing 9 lakh liters of rainwater per day.
  3. Optimization of borewell yield from 40 KL to a remarkable 160 KL through automated monitoring.
  4. Maximized STP recycling and reuse, leading to efficient wastewater management.
  5. Significant savings of around 4 lakhs per annum through daily checks, reducing diesel consumption.
  6. Introduction of EV charging points in common areas to encourage sustainable mobility.
  7. Power-saving initiatives involving LED lights, optimized STP operations, and lesser wattage lights.
  8. Almost 100% waste segregation at the source, promoting recycling and a cleaner environment.
  9. Emphasis on the overall maintenance of landscaping for aesthetic appeal and environmental health.
  10. Enhanced security measures, including automated RFID-based entry and increased CCTV coverage.
  11. Provision of free medical consultation for all staff members, demonstrating care and well-being.

Prestige Ferns’ remarkable sustainability efforts serve as an inspiration for creating a greener future and promoting sustainable living.

2. The Poetree community

Poetree is also a shining example of collaboration between associations and builders, and has achieved remarkable milestones in sustainability and reliability.

Poetree community

Here are their notable achievements

  • Green initiatives: Poetree has implemented various eco-friendly practices, including the adoption of electric vehicles, efficient waste management systems, solar installations, and the use of dispensers.
  • Collaboration with local government: The community actively participates in local government services, working together on street light management, APS vehicle halting, road works, and drainage cleaning to improve the overall infrastructure.
  • Community automations: Poetree has embraced automation for efficient management of gates, BESCOM, WTP, STP, waste management, and financial processes, streamlining operations.
  • Water management: Poetree has implemented rainwater harvesting systems and established connections with BWSSB for a reliable water supply. They have also adopted PNG gas for the entire apartment complex, promoting sustainable energy usage.
  • Composting and self-sustainability: Poetree manages a comprehensive composting system, maintaining their own nursery and achieving 100% LED lighting, reflecting their commitment to self-sustainability.

Poetree’s collaborative efforts have resulted in a community that prioritizes sustainability and reliability. Through their green initiatives, engagement with local government, community automations, water management practices, and self-sustainability efforts, Poetree sets an inspiring example for other communities to follow.

3. Maimoon Gardens by Fakhruddin Properties in Dubai

It is a testament to the vision and commitment towards creating sustainable and thriving communities.

Here are some remarkable features and accomplishments of Maimoon Gardens

At Fakhruddin Properties each apartment has its own vertical Herb Garden for residents to live close to nature. The project also has a Greenhouse which features an extensive hydroponic garden cultivating organic fruits and Veggies.

The Projects are equipped with an innovative technology called Airocide. Developed originally for NASA, this air purification system eliminates harmful airborne pathogens instead of trapping them to provide the purest breathable air available. It also features a patented technology called HEECO2R which stands for Health Energy Efficiency & CO2 Removal. This technology removes all contaminants such as CO2, VOC, and humidity from the air entering the building. Fakhruddin properties aim to impact the lives of the residents as well as the employees who will be working from their developments by giving them access to the purest Air Quality.

Their properties also have over 30% of its parking slots with EV chargers. They have incorporated AI enabled Smart Automation throughout the development ranging from Smart Switches, Smart Blinds, Smart Temperature control Systems, etc. By intelligently and safely decreasing the need for HVAC capacity when heating or cooling, energy consumption can be slashed by up to 30%. 

At Fakhruddin Properties, an efficient Waste Management system is being followed where the Wet and Dry waste are segregated using an intelligent waste management system. Wet Waste is then used to generate compost and used in the food plant production at the Greenhouse.

They also have a Centralized RO Water System. The centralized Reverse Osmosis technology delivers pure drinking water to residents throughout the year, thereby reducing the usage of Plastic Water Bottles. They also use Radiant Cooling Technology at the Community Greenhouse. By circulating cooled water, radiant cooling evenly absorbs heat energy from the room. The excess water from the Radiant cooling system is fed back to the Hydroponic Garden thereby ensuring efficient Re-use of our precious Water Resource.

Maimoon Gardens by Fakhruddin Properties is a shining example of sustainable living in Dubai. With its energy-efficient design, renewable energy integration, water conservation measures, waste management systems, green spaces, and community engagement, Maimoon Gardens showcases a holistic approach towards sustainability and sets a benchmark for future developments.

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In conclusion, the ADDA Rise High Awards’ Overall Sustainability category has showcased outstanding efforts by communities in creating sustainable living environments. Communities like Prestige Ferns, Poetree, and Maimoon Gardens have demonstrated their commitment to sustainability through a wide range of initiatives, from renewable energy integration and water conservation to waste management and community engagement.

These communities serve as inspiring examples of what can be achieved when individuals, associations, and builders unite for a common cause. Their dedication to sustainable practices not only reduces their environmental impact but also enhances the well-being and quality of life for residents. By implementing innovative solutions and embracing eco-friendly measures, they are shaping a greener future for their communities and inspiring others to follow suit.

The Overall Sustainability category of the ADDA Rise High Awards celebrates these exceptional achievements, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in our daily lives. As we acknowledge and appreciate the winners, let their success inspire us to adopt sustainable practices in our own communities, workplaces, and homes. Together, we can create a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

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