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New Reports and Reporting Features from Rentec Direct

November 18, 2023

Updates to the Reports feature in Rentec Direct includes a visual overhaul, speed improvements, and new options to automatically send reports to owners and managers. Rentec Direct clients use reports to track their financials, review tenant data, and manage their property records. Improvements to the reporting interface allow clients to access the reports they want quickly and easily. 

A new update is coming soon to your property management software, giving you enhanced reporting options from Rentec Direct. The Reports section of Rentec Direct is getting remodeled to provide you with an easy to use interface, advanced filtering and search functions, and the ability to automatically send reports to owners and managers.

“Our clients rely heavily on the reporting features in Rentec Direct and this update drastically enhances the data processing time and makes it easier to access saved reports and filters,” says Rentec Direct president, Nathan Miller. “The development team has been working tirelessly on this enhancement for our clients and we’re pleased to introduce it soon.”

The new reports feature is scheduled to go live in Q4 of 2023. The reports update will be introduced to Rentec Labs as a beta feature for clients to try out the new features. Be on the lookout for the product announcement on the Summary page of your software under System Updates when the feature goes live.

Enhancement to the Reports in Rentec Direct – Coming Soon

New updates to the reports in Rentec Direct include a visual remodel of the user interface (UI), changes to the reports to make them easier to read and universal, and options to automatically send reports with the Scheduled Reports feature.

Updates to the Reports User Interface (UI)

  • All reports are now accessible and searchable from a single page.
  • Your most frequently used reports can be favorited for quick access
  • Each report now shows only the applicable form fields for a simpler and more intuitive UI.
  • Every report configuration now has a unique URL. So you can use the browser back and forth buttons. You can bookmark reports to save yourself the trouble of reconfiguring the options the same way over and over. And you can share report URLs with your users.
  • Each report in the menu is a link, so you can middle-click to open reports in new tabs

Updates to the Reports in Rentec Direct

  • All reports have a consistent style
  • Larger font sizes, increased spacing, and improved layouts for easier reading
  • Links everywhere! Spend less time hunting down the same information in other parts of the software. Click a property, bank account, or category to go directly to its ledger. Click a transaction amount to view that transaction. And that’s just the beginning. Any information that makes sense as a link is now a link.
  • More reports than ever are now sortable, and many reports can be sorted by multiple columns.

Scheduled Reports – New Feature

Save time manually running and emailing reports to every owner or manager. Instead, create a scheduled report that runs automatically on a monthly or weekly basis.

Keeps you in compliance with contracts and regulations

Keeps property owners and managers up to date with important information

Stores a copy of reports that have been emailed in your file library

Want to know the moment the New Reports features goes live? Send us an email at and we’ll make sure to personally let you know. Otherwise keep an eye out on the System Updates on your Summary Page in your software and Product Updates on our website for this and other updates.

Note: The new reports feature will be released as a Rentec Labs product

Final Thoughts

Our goal is always to make landlords and property manager’s tasks simpler, quicker and more efficient. One of the ways we accomplish this is by listening to you and your feature requests. If there is anything you would like to see added to enhance your Rentec Direct experience, please send your ideas and suggestions to

Rentec Direct is the most customer-friendly property management software. Features include online rent payments, tenant and owner portals, one of the industry’s largest vacancy listing syndication networks, full property, tenant, and owner accounting, 1099-MISC reporting and more. Rentec Direct was recognized as Real Estate Company of the Year in the 2022 American Business Awards®, named a SaaS Company of the Year in the 2022 American Best in Business Awards, was named one of the Most Customer Friendly Companies of the Year in the 2021 Best in Biz Awards, has been named to the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies for six years in a row.

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