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Keep Track Of Water Tankers With ADDA’s Water Tanker Feature

March 14, 2024

ADDA's Water Tanker Feature

Do you have a large dependency on Water Tankers, for your Community’s Water Supply? This is the best time to implement ADDA’s Water Tanker Feature!

With Water Tankers most probably your major pain points are:

  1. Keeping track of number of Tankers (& of which capacity) came to your Community
  2. Ensuring ZERO Pilferage

Keeping Track of Tankers

It is important to track the number of Tankers which came to your Community, so that Community management teams can make sure that supply is happening as per agreed agreements/contracts. Monthly payments for this water supply would depend on this information.

How to Track?

  1. Configuring your Water Tankers is a one Time Setup which can be done during deployment of this feature.
  2. Once configured, Security Guards can record entry of the Water Tanker, when it reaches your Community.
  3. Check daily/weekly logs in ADDA ERP to track how many tankers came to your Community
keep track of water tankers

As the Security Guards, use the same Visitors module for making the Water Tanker entries, training needed towards adoption of ADDA’s Water Tanker Feature is minimum. This is also convenient to use as guards do not have to juggle between multiple Apps/tabs in the App to record Water Tanker entries.

Ensuring ZERO Pilferage

There is always some loss of water from the tankers, during transit to your Community. This is unavoidable. 

What is to be ensured is that 

  1. Water tankers do not come in with very less water
  2. They empty all the water before leaving

To ensure the above please do the below:

  1. Install a water meter on the sump inlet
  2. Capture the reading of the water meter when you record the entry to the Water Tanker & also while recording the exit
  3. Do random audits of the logs captured in the system, to make sure that the right quantity of water is being supplied by your Vendor
water tanker feature

Contact our team now, and get unprecedented visibility with ADDA’s Water Tanker Feature for your Water Tanker Supply!

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