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IRECMS UAE 2023 | ADDA: Proptech Company Of The Year

January 30, 2024


In a remarkable victory, ADDA, the globally recognised community and property management software, has been crowned with the Silver Trophy for “Proptech Company Of The Year” at the International Real Estate and Construction Marketing Summit (IRECMS) 2023. This prestigious recognition is yet another successful award which proves ADDA’s steadfast commitment to revolutionizing community living through cutting-edge proptech solutions.

As the Proptech Company of the Year, ADDA is not just celebrating past successes; it’s laying the foundation for our future advancements. This award is also the second time IRECMS has recognised ADDA for its outstanding achievements. This award positions ADDA as a trailblazer in proptech innovation, poised to continue reshaping the community and property management software space.


With this esteemed recognition, ADDA looks ahead to a future where happy community living is seamlessly connected, efficiently managed, and marked by a sense of unity. ADDA remains committed to pushing boundaries and introducing solutions that enhance the quality of life for residents and property managers and most importantly in powering happy communities.

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