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How to Offer Rentals for Travel Nurses

September 25, 2023

As the demand for healthcare professionals continues to rise, so does the need for temporary housing solutions for travel nurses. These dedicated healthcare workers, who move frequently from one work assignment to another, require comfortable and convenient living arrangements during their short-term stays.

For landlords and property managers, catering to the specific needs of travel nurses can be a lucrative and rewarding venture. If you’re interested in accommodating these essential frontline workers, we’ve got everything you need to know about how to start.

Why Targeting Travel Nurses as Tenants for Your Rental Property Makes Sense

If you’re considering capitalizing on the thriving short-term rental market, directing your focus toward marketing to travel nurses is a smart choice. Unlike vacationers or business travelers who have brief stays, travel nurses typically commit to longer 13-week assignments. For landlords, this translates to reduced turnover and less administrative work. With travel nurses as tenants, you can bid farewell to constant paperwork, frequent cleanings, and prolonged vacancies that may leave your rental unoccupied.

Since they are both trustworthy and reliable, travel nurses are excellent tenants. As part of their job requirements, travel nurses undergo comprehensive background checks, minimizing the risk of dealing with troublesome tenants. You can rest assured that travel nurses will be prompt in paying rent because they receive a monthly housing stipend through their work assignments.

Property Preferences of Travel Nurses

As healthcare professionals on the move, travel nurses have certain expectations.

Proximity to Healthcare Facilities And Public Transportation

After a long shift, nurses don’t want to deal with a long commute. A rental that is under 20 minutes away is ideal for them, and so is access to public transportation to avoid traffic congestion. When creating your property listing, emphasize your proximity to nearby hospitals. If your rental property is within walking distance of a bus or train stop, this can be a significant selling point, so be sure to highlight this feature to attract potential travel nurse tenants.


Keep in mind that travel nurses often seek experiences when coming to a new city. They value being close to convenient amenities such as grocery stores, coffee shops, entertainment venues, parks, and other attractions. The abundance of desirable amenities in your rental property’s location will greatly appeal to potential tenants, drawing in a broader pool of travel nurses seeking a fulfilling and enjoyable stay.


For travel nurses who typically travel on their own and who are often unfamiliar with the neighborhoods and cities they are temporarily relocating to for their assignments, safety is a top priority. Knowing that their living environment is safe gives them peace of mind and allows them to focus on their work without worry.

A safe and secure rental property provides them with a sense of protection during late-night or early-morning commutes to and from their workplace. A rental property with robust security measures, such as secure access entry and well-lit common areas, instills confidence in their decision to choose a particular rental and encourages them to return for another stay.


While vacationers may be willing to splurge on luxury properties, it’s important to realize that travel nurses may h ave a tight budget. Although they often have a housing stipend, it usually only covers their accommodation expenses. However, in larger markets, this stipend might be stretched thin, making affordability a critical factor for them. If you want to attract travel nurse tenants, be mindful of this budget constraint when pricing your rental property.

Utilities, Cable, and WiFi

Setting up utilities, cable, and WiFi every three or six months can be a hassle for travel nurses. As a result, they favor properties that offer these essential services as part of their rental package. Providing utilities, cable, and WiFi not only simplifies the renting process for travel nurses, but also enhances the appeal of the property, making it a more attractive option for their short-term housing needs.

How To Attract And Retain Travel Nurse Tenants

Location is Key

The first step in offering rentals for travel nurses is selecting the right location for your properties. Focus on areas close to healthcare facilities, medical centers, and hospitals, as these will be the primary workplaces for travel nurses. Being in proximity to their assignments is a significant draw for these healthcare professionals, because it reduces their commuting time and provides convenience during their busy work schedules.

Furnish and Equip Rentals

Traveling professionals don’t have the time or means to furnish a property themselves, so fully furnished rentals are a necessity. Like most people, travel nurses seek hassle-free and comfortable living solutions while on-the-go. Providing fully furnished rentals ensures that these healthcare professionals have a seamless transition into their temporary homes without the need to invest in or transport their furniture.

Furnished rentals also offer a sense of home away from home, allowing travel nurses to focus on their critical work without the added stress of setting up a new living space. Keep in mind, furnished rentals should include all essential furniture, kitchenware, linens, and appliances to cater to their immediate needs.

Provide Short-Term Lease Options

Because of the nature of their work, healthcare professionals may sometimes require short-term leases that align with the duration of their assignments. To accommodate them, offer lease terms that range from three to six months to match their contract lengths. By giving them these short-term lease options, it will make your rental properties more attractive to travel nurses seeking temporary housing solutions.

Don’t Skimp Out On Amenities

As you’re probably already aware, travel nurses often work long and demanding hours. If you want to make sure they’ll enjoy their stay, high-speed internet, laundry facilities, ample parking, and secure access are essential amenities that travel nurses are sure to appreciate. Additionally, consider offering communal spaces or fitness centers to promote relaxation and wellness.

These amenities not only enhance the overall living experience but also demonstrate a landlord’s commitment to the well-being of their tenants. Providing essential amenities fosters tenant satisfaction and promotes positive word-of-mouth referrals, helping your rental properties seem more appealing so you can gain a competitive edge.

Streamline Rental Applications

To cater to the fast-paced nature of the travel nursing industry, streamline your rental application process to make it quick and efficient. The traditional, time-consuming rental application process can be a hindrance to travel nurses, who often have limited time to secure temporary housing between assignments. However, implementing online applications and digital document signing can expedite the rental process and make it easier for travel nurses to make housing arrangements quickly.

Streamlining the rental application process not only benefits travel nurses but also ensures that landlords can secure reliable tenants promptly, reducing vacancies and optimizing rental property occupancy rates. Ultimately, a quick and efficient rental application process is a win-win for both landlords and travel nurses alike.

Partner with Staffing Agencies

Collaborating with travel nurse staffing agencies presents a strategic opportunity for landlords and property managers to tap into a well-established network of potential tenants. Staffing agencies often assist travel nurses in finding suitable housing options, and by partnering with them, you can expand your reach and access a pool of qualified and reliable tenants.

These agencies already have a thorough understanding of the housing needs and preferences of travel nurses, making it easier to match them with appropriate rental properties. Landlords can showcase their fully furnished and well-equipped rentals to travel nurses through the agency’s platform, increasing the visibility and appeal of their properties.

Working with staffing agencies also helps landlords with the tenant screening process. The agencies often handle the initial screening and qualification of travel nurses, ensuring that they meet specific criteria before being referred to rental properties, saving landlords valuable time and effort in vetting potential tenants.

Promote Online Presence

Creating a user-friendly website that showcases your rental properties’ features, amenities, and proximity to healthcare facilities is an effective way to showcase your rental to travel nurses. To ensure a strong online presence, utilize social media platforms to engage with potential tenants and post attractive visuals and testimonials from previous travel nurse tenants. Doing so will help you build trust and credibility.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Travel nurses appreciate responsive and reliable property management. Offer excellent customer service and maintain clear communication with your tenants throughout their stay. Make sure you promptly address any maintenance requests or concerns to ensure they are comfortable and satisfied during their assignment.

Offer Incentives for Extended Stays

Offering incentives for extended stays to travel nurses is a smart approach that not only benefits landlords but also fosters tenant loyalty and strengthens the landlord-tenant relationship. By providing incentives for extended leases, landlords can entice travel nurses to consider staying longer, thereby reducing turnover and ensuring a more consistent rental income.

Discounts on rent for prolonged leases can be an attractive proposition for travel nurses. Lowering the rental rate for those who commit to longer stays provides a financial incentive but also demonstrates appreciation for their loyalty. Adding perks such as housekeeping services, gym memberships, or access to on-site facilities can also help ensure a positive experience, and thus further entice travel nurses to extend their stay.

Network with Local Healthcare Facilities

Networking with local healthcare facilities and hospitals can create partnerships and long-term collaborations. By establishing strong relationships with healthcare administrators, landlords can gain valuable referrals and recommendations for their rental properties. They can also strengthen their reputation as a preferred housing provider for travel nurses within the healthcare community which can open doors to more opportunities, expanding the landlord’s reach and establishing a strong presence in the travel nurse housing market.

Making Your Rental Appealing For Travel Nurses

Offering rentals for travel nurses requires a thoughtful approach that prioritizes their unique needs and preferences. However, by understanding the demands of this niche market and tailoring your properties and services accordingly, you can create a sought-after housing option for these dedicated healthcare professionals.

With the right strategies and attention to detail, property managers and landlords can tap into the thriving market of travel nurse housing and establish a successful and rewarding business.

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