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How to Market Your Jobs to Attract Top Property Management Talent

September 15, 2023

Last modified on January 5th, 2023

There’s a new generation of property management talent coming into the job market, and  to hire the leaders of tomorrow, the industry must continue to evolve and meet their needs today.

So, to uncover what the next generation of property management want out of their careers, we interviewed early-career and emerging property management and real estate leaders to hear their thoughts on how they look at their careers, how they choose which organizations to work for, and what they expect from their own leaders today.

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Capture interest with thorough and complete job listings

We started by asking what makes an eye-catching job posting.

For Rohit Singh Chauhan, a Graduate Student at MIT Center for Real Estate, it helps if he is already familiar with the company and can see that it’s a good fit, both location and salary-wise. Beyond that, he wants to see a thorough job description, including all of the role’s responsibilities. Rohit also prefers when companies are upfront with requirements because it gives him a better indication of what the company is really like.

A good web presence is also key. A professional website full of information and a good LinkedIn following shows whether a company puts in the effort to attract top talent.

Rohit’s comments were also echoed in a similar discussion with another emerging leader, Nick Reed, who is a Product Development and Lifecycle Manager at PacificSource Health Plans:

“I think what catches my eye with a job posting is opportunity. Opportunity to grow. Being a young professional, I think we look for opportunities to further our careers.”

Kira Goepferd, a student at Portland State University and Property Management Assistant at Schnitzer Properties, told us that the main thing she looks for in a job posting is the scope of the work and a sign that the role would be challenging.

If the work checks all of the boxes, and it’s something that I’m knowledgeable in but also something that could potentially challenge me, I’m a lot more interested than in something that isn’t going to challenge me at all.”

From what Rohit, Nick and Kira describe, it’s important for job listings to be detailed and to give a good first impression of the company. Potential candidates want to see that the role is a career step, not just a job, and that the role will provide enough challenge and opportunity.

Show opportunities for career growth

When asked what informs his career decisions, Rohit said that it’s important for him to see opportunities for career growth in every role he takes. When deciding whether to take a job, he said,

“I would weigh whether my career growth is good enough in my current position or the other opportunities are better aligned with my goals.”

This shows that it’s no longer enough to simply list out job requirements. Up-and-coming property management and real estate professionals like Rohit are looking for something more than a job. They want a career. If you can demonstrate that your team members will get those opportunities to grow and develop in a role, you have a much greater chance of attracting talent.

Showcase your company’s culture

Company culture has also become a priority for many job seekers in this market. As Rohit defines it, company culture “captures the values and goals of the organization,” and it helps to “ensure that people are actually staying with the company for a long time.”

In other words, it’s something that organizations need to be more and more conscious of if they want to attract but also retain great people. Culture is something to showcase in your job description, website, social media, and it should inform all levels of the business.

Competing for talent

With fewer young professionals choosing property management and real estate as their career of choice, organizations must do more to attract the best of the best in the industry.

From Rohit’s conversation, it’s clear that the next generation of property management and real estate professionals are looking beyond the basics, such as job descriptions and salaries. They want to be part of something larger and to know that they’re in roles that give them a sense of purpose and meaning. Many are eager to develop and nurture their careers, and want to see evidence that the company is investing in their growth.

For more insights from Rohit and our other guests from this series, tune into The Top Floor podcast.

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