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How ADDA Kept A Community Safe From Elephants

February 23, 2024

Elephants In The Neighbourhood

Imagine living in a vibrant community, bustling with life – except that life included roaming elephants as well! 

This was the reality for a Community, one of our customers, a thriving multi-building complex nestled beside a wildlife area. While the proximity to nature was charming, it also sometimes posed this unique problem: elephants entering the Community, which caused resident anxiety and also sometimes resulted in property damage.

Unique Helpdesk Setup:

Our Customer faced another unique challenge: Their community was made up of multiple low rise buildings spread across multiple acres. Because of this spread out nature of the community, they had multiple Help Desk supervisors, each of whom were in charge of a few clusters of buildings. 

ADDA gave this Community the perfect Online Helpdesk management system, using which they could configure their setup along an effective escalation matrix. With implementation of ADDA’s Advanced Helpdesk resolutions to queries, complaints, maintenance requests become much faster resulting in delight of community residents.

Enter ADDA, Community Alarms:

ADDA, our innovative community management software, also provided a solution for the Community’s unique wildlife concern. 

Using ADDA’s panic alert feature in the ADDA App, when residents spotted an elephant, they could trigger an instant notification to other residents. This notification served as a reminder for them to exercise caution due to the presence of roaming elephants in their colony. The central security team could also broadcast alarms to the residents when they spotted any elephants in the community.

Beyond Elephants: A Community Transformed:

ADDA’s impact wasn’t limited to elephant encounters. Reduced response times to complaints, increased resident satisfaction, and a stronger sense of community security are just a few of the positive outcomes. Our Customer now boasts a thriving community, where residents can truly enjoy their peaceful haven, even with the occasional wild neighbor!

ADDA: Your Community’s Guardian Angel:

Whether you face wildlife encounters, complex management needs, or anything in between, ADDA is here to help. Our software empowers communities to thrive, ensuring residents feel safe, heard, and connected. Contact us today and let’s create happy communities together!

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