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Halloween Ideas for Your Multifamily Property: Infographic

October 9, 2023

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The ghostly time of year will soon be upon us. A chilling time when ghouls and monsters emerge with an unquenchable hunger for chocolates and sweet treats. To prep for the small knights and villains that may be knocking on your residents’ doors, there are always a few Halloween safety precautions that you can take.

However, to ensure that your residents–even the smallest of them–have a spooktacular time this year, there are some great resident event ideas that will be sure to please. So take a look at these Halloween resident event ideas, and host a party that future residents will tell tales of on haunted fall evenings…. That is if you dare.


1. The Treats Are IN

Hosting a resident trick-or-treat can be a joyful experience for many of your tenants, but that doesn’t mean everyone will be able or willing to participate. Print out brightly colored flyers for residents to place on their door so trick-or-treaters know which places will provide delicious treats, and which places should be left alone.

2. Costume Contest

A classic Halloween tradition for a reason, there are few activities more exciting than seeing all of the creative costumes everyone wears to a Halloween costume contest. Prizes don’t have to be costly, a small gift card, a coveted parking spot for the next month or another simple gesture will be enough to spark the fun!

3. Movie Party

A few spooky decorations, a bit of popcorn, a hefty sampling of candy and a classic Halloween movie all go a long way to create a family-friendly Halloween resident event everyone will enjoy.

4. Jack-o-Lantern Contest

Host a one-time event where residents can carve a pumpkin to be judged, or provide pumpkins for residents to decorate at their leisure. At the end of a predetermined date, have all your residents place their pumpkins in a designated location for judging and spooky decor!

5. Door Decorating Party

Let your residents’ personality shine by hosting a door decorating party. Supply snacks, paper and fun items like large googly eyes, and feathers. Your residents’ creativity will be flowing and the halls of your property will be the talk of the town. Invite locals to trick-or-treat so they can see how great living at your property can be!  

6. Spooky Not Unsafe

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween, remember to take a step back and evaluate the property’s safety. Low visibility,  children hyped up on sugar, and roadblocks in the form of Halloween decor can add up to a dangerous situation. Before the big night, clear pathways of debris, adhere to fire codes with decor and ensure communal areas are well-lit.

Hosting any type of resident event or activity can help foster a great community at your multifamily property, and can act as a beacon to potential tenants who want to join in on the fun. This Halloween, don’t be afraid to make a splash and get creative. Residents of all ages will enjoy the effort you put into the event, and those insatiable ghouls and goblins will appreciate their candy. Happy Spooking!

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