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Fun and Simple Spring Resident Event Ideas |Infographic

March 9, 2024

If you are a landlord or property manager, a simple spring resident event is a great way to kick off the change of seasons. As spring weather arrives, there is no better time to start planning an outdoor resident event. From an egg hunt to an outdoor painting party, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the change of seasons and embrace the spring weather while inspiring connections within your rental properties.

Hosting resident events can have a lot of benefits. From boosting retention to marketing your property, there are many reasons that your tenants and prospective tenants will enjoy the opportunity to build community at a resident event throughout the year.

Spring is an ideal time to host a resident event. Warm weather, gentle breezes, and beautiful blooms all make spring a great time to host an event outdoors. Not only is this fun for residents, but it also makes clean-up easier than ever.

This season, consider hosting a resident event at your rental property. These spring resident event ideas will surely bring your tenants together and be fun for adults and kids alike.

Spring Egg Hunt:

While Easter Sunday is generally reserved for family and religious activity, a lot of community egg hunts can be found on the Saturday before. Consider getting in on the action by hosting an egg hunt for the children at your multi-family property. This is an excellent way to get children involved in an activity without a lot of planning or work needed. Simply purchase some plastic eggs and fill them with candy or consider purchasing pre-filled eggs to simplify the job.

An egg hunt can be as simple or as complex as you would like. You can certainly offer other activities, such as coloring pages or special treats, but you don’t necessarily have to. The fun of an egg hunt is that children will enjoy themselves either way, making it the ideal activity to plan in a snap.

Spring Planting Day:

Whether you decide to host this on Earth Day or you just celebrate spring in general, planting is an excellent activity for all ages. Team up with a local Home Improvement store or Nursery to see if you can purchase a book supply of blooms at a discount. Offer your residents the ability to plant their favorite bulb or flower. For children, you can offer terracotta pots and include a table with decorating supplies. This can be a fun outdoor activity that won’t require much cleanup at the end of the day.

Host a Paint Party:

Wine and sip or painting parties are becoming very popular. These activities are very fun for experienced artists and beginners alike. Hire an instructor in your area to host one of these activities at your residential property. It is a great way to help your residents connect and relax with their neighbors while providing an engaging activity in the process. The best part? Instructors generally supply all required materials, making your task as easy as scheduling the event and passing along the information.

Outdoor Brunch:

Everyone loves a delicious brunch, and the beautiful black background of spring blooms makes this season the perfect time to host. While a brunch can be hosted indoors or out, an outdoor brunch is an excellent idea, particularly for your youngest residents.

Mitigate sticky or difficult-to-clean messes by simply having your brunch on the lawn at your multifamily property. Your property generally hosts young adults and not as many families; consider hosting an upscale brunch with mixed drinks to make the event even more memorable. Opt to have your team help batch cook on the morning of your bunch, or hire a catering company to make the day a breeze.

There are a variety of activities that would be perfect to host in the spring season. If these activities don’t fit your needs, there are plenty more that can be hosted year-round.

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No matter what you choose, focus on building community with your residents and use the opportunity to spread some tenant appreciation. After all, your tenants are the heart of your rental business.

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