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Fostering Positive Conversations In ADDA’s Community Forum

December 15, 2023

Community Forum

Ever envisioned a digital town square bustling with conversations, ideas, and connections? Welcome to ADDA’s Community Forum, where the virtual meets the vibrant. But have you ever wondered about the invisible guardians behind this bustling digital neighborhood, ensuring every conversation maintains its charm and respect?

In ADDA, we recognise the significance of maintaining control to uphold the decorum of our communities. We prioritise ensuring that any conversation or post that might disrupt the community’s harmony is managed appropriately.

What is Community Forum?

ADDA’s ‘Community Forum’ isn’t merely a platform for discussions, it’s a meticulously managed digital space. It serves as the pulse of community interactions, where members engage in dialogues, share ideas, and seek advice. At its core, the Community Forum is a carefully curated space where every post, comment, and conversation aligns with community values and guidelines.

The Roles within the Community Forum

In the digital landscape of ADDA communities, the ‘Community Forum’ stands as a fortress, ensuring a harmonious and respectful space for every member. Let’s delve into the pivotal roles that HOA Board or Management Committee (MC) members play in fostering positive moderation within this digital haven:

1. Overseeing Community Conversations: The HOA board and MC members have the power to oversee conversations, polls, and photos shared within community forums. This ensures that the content aligns with community guidelines and maintains the decorum.

2. Appointing Forum Moderators: Empowering effective moderation, both the HOA board or MC members have the authority to assign Tenants, Owners, or Office Staff as moderators. These appointed individuals are entrusted with the responsibility to swiftly remove any content that could disrupt community harmony.

3. Approval-Based Posting: With assigned moderators, every community buzz post undergoes approval before being published. This preemptive measure ensures that only respectful and relevant content reaches the community forum.

4. Read-Only Mode: To maintain decorum, HOA board or MC members have the capability to designate certain users as “read-only.” This restriction prohibits them from creating posts, polls, or photos but allows them to engage by reading forum content.


Moderation within ADDA’s Community Forums plays a pivotal role in fostering a healthy environment and ensuring discussions remain constructive and respectful. It’s the synergy between technology and human interaction within ADDA that creates a digital haven, where respect, engagement, and unity are at the heart of every keystroke. Together, they craft an online neighbourhood that’s not just about discussions, but about building a vibrant, respectful, and a happy community.

Through its platform, ADDA Buzz paves the way for a digital space where every member’s voice echoes, connecting hearts and fostering a sense of belonging.

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