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Feature Spotlight | Free Online ACH Rent Payments With Rentec Direct

November 3, 2023

Collect rent online using the free ACH payment options available in Rentec Direct’s property management software platform. These payments are truly no cost to the property manager or landlord, AND they are free to their tenants, as well. Rentec Direct is one of the only platforms to offer free ACH rent payments for both tenants and managers.

One of the main benefits you experience when using Rentec Direct is the steps we’ve taken to make your job as a landlord or property manager simpler, and when this reduces expenses for you and your renters, even better.

Rentec Direct offers integrations with leading financial institutions to ensure you have access to the greatest tools available when it comes to managing financial transactions.

One of the most dependable ways to collect rent each month is through online payment options. Rentec Direct’s integration with CSGForte provides the option of online transactions with same-day funding and verification to receive rent paid online.

CSG Forte is a preferred partner of NACHA, which means the accounts are verified and screened to meet fraud detection standards.

Benefits of Online Payments For Property Managers, Landlords, And Renters

Online payment features are extremely convenient with the tools included in your Rentec Direct account.

With the Resident Connect Mobile App, tenants can access their Tenant Portal to view current invoices, transaction history, make instant payments, or schedule one-time and recurring rent payments at no additional per transaction cost to them or you.

With Rentec Direct’s streamlined accounting, payments made online will automatically post to the tenant’s, property and bank account ledgers, saving you time and helping to ensure accurate record-keeping.

For tenants who may not have a checking account or prefer to use a card, payments can also be made by debit or credit card.
Through your property management software, you can receive notifications of payments made, verify incoming transactions, pay vendors, and process owner disbursements. While you’re out of the office, simply log into your mobile app, which allows the same functionality.

Automate Rent Collection and Reduce Late Fees with Online Payments

With online rent collection, your residents will have the option to schedule monthly payments or make one-time payments. Scheduled payments result in more on-time payments and fewer late fees for your tenants.

Within the Tenant Portal, you can require that your tenants only make full rent payments and/or request that they pay any outstanding balances when submitting an online payment, like pet fees, late fees, or utilities.

Ready To Receive Payments Quickly At No Cost To You Or Your Renters?

Rentec Direct’s online payment option is provided through an integration CSG Forte. Landlords and property managers who use Rentec Direct can easily apply for a merchant account right through their Rentec Direct account. The following link provides more details on moving forward with your payment processing setup.

While other property management software platforms charge tenants for making online rent payments, Rentec Direct offers this service for free to both renters and our clients. This is a direct value our clients can pass along to their tenants.

To get a quick start with online transactions and take advantage of the incredible rates below, simply meet the following requirements:

  • Have a Rentec Direct account
  • Have a business checking account
  • Want rental income paid online and deposited quickly

Other benefits of processing online financial transactions with your Rentec Direct account include:

  • Pay vendors via ACH
  • Pay owners via ACH
  • Receive owner contributions via ACH

Free ACH rates:

  • The cost to Tenants to pay rent by ACH $0
  • The cost to landlords and property managers for tenants to pay rent by ACH $0
  • $0.00 setup fee
  • $0.00 a month
  • $0.50 one-time fee when adding a new checking account

Free ACH Transactions: $0.00 per transaction received (rent payments) and $0.50 per transaction paid out (vendor payments and owner disbursements)

Final Thoughts

Online payments for property managers and landlords provides you with easy ways to track rent received, income, expenses, and automate rent collection. By giving your residents the option to schedule monthly rent payments, you will receive more on-time payments, and your tenants will experience fewer late fees. Thanks to the Rentec Direct and CSGForte integration, you can efficiently process payments online for your renters, vendors, and owners.

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