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Defect Liability Period Module: Your Guide to Swift Solutions!

January 22, 2024

Defect Liability Period

As a Resident, Ever been puzzled about which part of your property is still under the Defect Liability Period?

As an Admin, determining whether a service request falls within the DLP coverage or a paid service can be challenging. In the domain of community management, the Defect Liability Period (DLP) holds utmost significance. The newly introduced DLP module in ADDA serves as a beacon, addressing pivotal pain points for residents and administrators alike. This aims to revolutionise your experience by offering clarity, efficiency, and enhanced categorisation.

Why DLP?

Understanding the significance of the DLP period for builders and residents alike, we’ve meticulously crafted this module to address key pain points experienced during this phase. One of the fundamental challenges faced by builders is identifying units within the DLP period and managing different helpdesk categories associated with these units. This ambiguity often leads to confusion, impacting both residents and administrative teams.

Admins often face difficulties in distinguishing between service requests covered under the Defect Liability Period (DLP) and those that require payment, leading to confusion in addressing the appropriate type of service needed. Meanwhile, Residents face visibility issues, unsure about which items fall under the DLP coverage and for what duration. This lack of clarity sometimes results in residents paying for services that should be covered under the DLP, leading to dissatisfaction and confusion.

However, with the introduction of the DLP module, these concerns become a thing of the past.

Key Benefits

For Builders and Administrators: Identifying units within the DLP period is crucial. This differentiation influences helpdesk categories, preventing confusion among residents and administrators.

For Admins: Service handling becomes intricate without clear distinctions between free (under DLP) and paid helpdesk requests raised by residents.

For Residents: Lack of visibility on items applicable under DLP and its duration leads to confusion. This ambiguity might result in residents paying for services they shouldn’t. With this module the Resident’s can easily avoid this confusion.

How It Works:

  • Admin Functionality: Administrators with access to ADDA ERP can utilize the following features:
    • Setup DLP Units
    • Setup DLP Categories
    • Setup non-DLP Categories
    • Notifications for streamlined communication and updates.
  • Resident Interface: Residents raising tickets can now view all DLP-related categories, empowering them to report issues accurately. Admins then act on these requests based on their specific categorisation.

With these features and functionalities in mind, the DLP module promises to significantly enhance your experience within ADDA ERP and ADDA App. Its clear categorization, efficient issue resolution, and prevention of confusion between DLP and non-DLP requests will undoubtedly streamline operations and ensure a more satisfying experience for all stakeholders involved.

We’re excited about the potential this module holds to transform your experience and elevate community living. Embrace the DLP module and witness a new era of efficiency and clarity within your community management processes.

Stay tuned for updates and explore the DLP module in ADDA ERP and ADDA App to experience its remarkable benefits firsthand.

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