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Community Forum Guidelines For Harmonious Living

December 16, 2023

One of the marvellous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals.” – Jean Vanier

Living in a Residential Community means being connected through a common place to live which we collectively call home. ADDA through its Community Forum (“Buzz”) helps in connecting all residents of a neighborhood and acts as a catalyst to create happy communities which are Secure, Inclusive, Sustainable and Transparent. 

However, while launching a Community Forum, if you are a part of the HOA Board or Member of the Community Association/Management Team, then you might be sometimes naturally worried about how to maintain decorum in it, and moderate conversations if required. 

We can assure you that ADDA provides robust moderation options which can be used in case some guidelines need to be enforced on the discussions or members of the Community Forums. Read more about them here. However, forced moderations of discussions should be kept as the last resort you may have to revert to in case of emergencies.

Under all normal circumstances, all members of the Community should be encouraged to make sure that the Community Forum is an Inclusive space, where all neighbours feel welcome. Quite simply, every neighbour should treat other neighbours the same way as they would like themselves to be treated – with respect and equality.

To ensure this, as a moderator, HOA Board member or part of the Community Management Team one of the first things you can do while opening up the Forum for your Community members is to publish a set of Community Forum Guidelines. 

The below set of Community Forum Guidelines has been prepared with the intention to give you a head start. You can modify the below as per your requirement and post in your Community Forum while welcoming your Community Members to it. This will ensure that the members joining the Community gets sensitised about the accepted behaviour and expected decorum for the Community Forum and acts accordingly.

“Welcome to ADDA’s Community Forum. Our Community Forum is now open to all Community HomeOwners and Residents.

It is like our Private Social Network.

It can be very useful for sharing local information, seeking and providing neighbourly help, quickly coordinating during emergencies, and many other productive collaborations!

Our Community is built with members from diverse backgrounds. This gives us a great opportunity to learn from each other. A community becomes stronger when everyone is encouraged to participate with their opinions and when all the voices are heard. Accordingly, please make sure all Community Members are respected and welcomed to participate in the Community Forum.

Everyone’s Participation Counts. Help us by influencing the positive tone of this Forum by following the below:

1. Choose to engage in discussions that make this Community Forum a useful and harmonious place. Ensure that all neighbors feel welcome, safe, and respected.

2. Respect each other: Agree to disagree politely when needed. Avoid Offensive, Abusive or Hate speech. Please do not use any kind of discriminatory language. Moderators reserve the right to delete a post that doesn’t abide by this guideline. They may even block a User from participating in future discussions.

3. If you see a Problem, let the Moderator know. You will find the Moderator in the Directory. Moderators are responsible for the Community Forum. But so are you. With your help, let us build a Happy Community. 

4. Privacy: Do not post private information. (Example: Personal contact or account information, such as email addresses, credit cards, or bank information, A person’s legal or medical history, unless there is a compelling public interest served by doing so). Such posts may be moderated and removed.

5. True Identity: A connected neighbourhood is based on trust. Hence please reveal your true identity while registering and participating in discussions in your Community Forum.

6. Post verified Information: If you are posting anything which is other than your personal experience, then please do not post or spread unverified information. Any misinformation/rumours which is spread can result in various serious consequences. This is not something we would want within the community. 

7. Promoting Businesses: We encourage you to list your own offerings (it may be anything from preloved furniture or kid’s toys, your home cooked bakery items to coaching classes offered by you) in ADDA. Such posting can be done in the “Discover>Buzzar” section. However please avoid doing any explicit promotions in the Community Forum. We would like to keep our Forum focussed on only Community related discussions and updates.

8. Conflicts of Interest: If you write a recommendation for a business which belongs to any friend or relative or from your networking group, please disclose your relationship with that business or person. You must disclose any financial interest, such as being an owner or investor of the business you are recommending.

Do not recommend a business, service, or product if you have received any form of payment in return for writing a recommendation. Do not write negative comments where you have a conflict of interest. For example, posting negative or false statements about competitors in your industry.

9. HOA Helpdesk: If you have maintenance issues, complaints or queries regarding your Unit or Lot, or in case you want to get in touch with the HOA or Association Management Team, then please raise a Helpdesk ticket from the Helpdesk section in ADDA. Please avoid putting it as a conversation in the Community Forum.

We truly hope that ADDA’s Community Forum can bring your Community Together! Happy Conversing!

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