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Community Forms – Submissions Made Effortless For All

September 15, 2023

Community Forms

Residents of communities frequently require communication with their Building Management for various needs such as requesting Vehicle Parking Labels, permission for Renovation Work, or application for Intercom Connections, etc.

To streamline the processing of such requests, Community Forms have been launched. This feature enables Community Management teams to effortlessly generate online application forms, while residents can conveniently provide the necessary information through the app.

Existing Challenges!

Let’s say you are a resident planning renovations in your apartment. You would typically you would have to make multiple visits to the Community Management Office to access, fill and submit the required forms before you can get the required permission.

association office

For Community Management teams as well, manually handling and tracking such requests are often cumbersome. 

There are similar situations faced for multiple other occasions like getting access cards for Clubhouse, parking stickers, Move-Out Intimations, Request for Deposit Refund, etc.

Community Forms in ADDA

Recognising these challenges, ADDA initiated the creation of a functionality aimed at making the process of submitting requests for various community related scenarios as explained above, simpler.

These forms are available to residents to fill through the App. This greatly enhances the convenience of the application procedures.  

Community Management Team gets notified when any new application form is submitted. Also, they can easily refer to the request and take action on them as required.

How does this work?

1. Setting up Community Application Forms

Community management team can create and customize forms through the ADDA ERP Admin Portal. They have the option to save the forms as drafts for further modifications or directly publish them for residents to view and submit when required.

2. ADDA App

Residents can conveniently access all the active forms in the ADDA app. When needed, residents can choose the relevant form, fill in the required details, attach any necessary documents, and submit the form.

3. Admin Response

Once a resident submits a form, the Community Management team is notified and they can easily access the resident’s request from the admin portal. This allows administrators to efficiently track and manage all the responses, ensuring prompt action and effective communication with the residents.

Some Common FAQ’s

1. How can I access the Form and Application Creation feature in ADDA?

To use this feature, you need to be a management committee member or office staff. Just log in to the admin portal, use your credentials, and find the option to create and manage forms.

2. Can I customize the forms and applications to suit my community’s requirements?

The form creation feature lets the management committee customize forms to fit the community’s needs. They can add or remove fields, include specific details, and create questions to meet the residents requirements.

3. Can administrators track the responses and manage the received applications?

Yes, Management committee members can see all responses, track applications, and take action using the admin portal. It’s a central place to review and manage submitted forms.

4. Can I still use traditional methods to submit requests?

The Form and Application Creation feature adds to existing channels of communication. It’s another way for residents to submit requests, while traditional methods like emails and notices can still be used alongside it.

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