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AppFolio Gives Back: Strengthening Communities, Creating Hope

September 16, 2023

Last modified on November 2nd, 2022

AppFolio is always looking for opportunities to make an impactful contribution to the causes and communities that are meaningful to AppFolians and our customers through our AppFolio Gives Back program.

There is currently a shortage of more than seven million affordable homes across the United States. Decent, affordable shelter creates a long-lasting and life-changing impact on families and communities, which is at the heart of Habitat for Humanity’s mission. Last year, Habitat for Humanity helped 4.2 million people build or improve the place they call home! 

Like Habitat for Humanity, AppFolio believes affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities. Through employee fundraisers (from ping-pong and cornhole competitions to trivia, bake sales, and even pie-in-the-face), group service activities near our Dallas, San Diego, and Santa Barbara office hubs, and a corporate match from AppFolio, AppFolians have come together to share their time, talent, and resources to raise awareness of Habitat for Humanity’s mission and maximize our impact. We even invited AppFolio customers to join the cause through a playhouse build activity at our 10th annual Customer Conference, with the finished products being donated to Ventura County military and veteran families.

“Affordable housing is a cause that is meaningful to us, our customers, and the broader real estate industry,” said Tara Armbruster, vice president of marketing operations at AppFolio and chair of the employee-led Give Back Committee. “We are proud to include Habitat for Humanity in our Give Back efforts.”

See AppFolio Gives Back in action through the photo gallery below.



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